Bon Me

Bold, fresh, and fun Asian cuisine

What We Stand For

Bon Me started as a food truck dishing up bold, fresh, and fun food to downtown Boston. As we grow, we strive to have a positive impact on the communities we call home by providing living wages for our employees, following sustainable business practices, and continuing to make healthy and delicious Asian cuisine at a fair price for our customers.

Why trucks?

As a food truck company, we have the unique opportunity to bring life and vitality directly to urban centers in Boston. Our trucks and restaurants create gathering spaces for communities to develop and flourish, always over a great meal.

As kitchens on wheels, we also have the ability to bring affordable and healthy options into parts of the city that would not normally have them. We are working to diversify the culinary landscape all over the city, hoping to give everyone access to more healthful choices.

Why Food Matters

Our Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian-inspired cuisine is both accessible and accommodating. We pride ourselves on using high quality products and seek to perfect our recipes so we can serve you unique and flavorful meals every day.

Most important? We make as many of our ingredients as we can from scratch so that we know exactly what's in our food! And, yes! Most of our food is fresh and prepared day-of. Our trucks bring your favorite ingredients straight from our kitchen to you.

Have a question? Just ask us! We're straightforward about our food and our employees are trained in every etail of our cooking processes and ingredients - you can ask questions and we'll have answers (no mystery meat here!). 

Our Suppliers

Evy Green Iced Tea.jpg

21st Century Foods

Our tofu is handcrafted by the Bostonian and family-run company, 21st Century Foods. Rudy and Lovin Canale have been creating artisan tofu and seitan for the past 30 years! They use solar-heated water and local, sustainably grown soybeans.

Evy Tea

Evy tea provides us with an amazing Iced Green Tea! Founded in 2014, this local company from Southie makes tea with the cleanest ingredients only. Their herbs and spices are 100% Organic and GMO-free.


Employees Come First

A small company has the responsibility of nurturing and rewarding all of their employees. Check out the ways in which Bon Me supports it's employees.

Fight for $15

On August 1, 2016, Bon Me joined the Fight for $15 movement. We raised out wages to a starting base of $13 and our goal is to reach $15 within the next two years. We want to be leaders in the fight for fair wages in the service industry.


Food Service Skill Training

Many of our crew members come into this company with little to no food service experience. Through hands-on training we teach our employees the basics of working with food; from sanitation to allergen awareness to food borne illness information. We provide the skills for many workers to progress in the service industry, serving as an incubator for anyone interested in a career in food.


We're proud to say that over 50% of our supervisors and managers are women. In a field that is often critical and biased against women, we strive to empower our female crew.


Employee Development

We believe that nurturing the talents of our many unique crew members is one of the major keys to our success. Each member of the Bon Me family brings distinct and valuable skills to the table and we aim to help all of our employees develop these abilities, whatever they may be. Many of our team members enter the company as truckers, and after being given individual attention and training, are able to be promoted to new positions throughout the company, depending on their skills and interests, Upward mobility in our company provides motivation and passion among our staff. We're proud to say that the majority of our upper management and all of our supervisors were promoted internally. Even members of our accounting and marketing teams started out as truck crew members. 

Taking Care of our Environment

Here at Bon Me, we're committed to giving back to the beautiful environment that allows us to serve up our food. In 2015, we diverted 132 cubic yards of food and compostable materials; enough to fill the beds of 66 pick up trucks, or 1,188 wheelbarrows!

90% of our packaging is compostable. We continue to reduce our overall carbon footprint, and convert as much of our packaging into compostable materials as possible.
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