Bon Me

Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian cuisine

We want to help our company and our employees grow and better ourselves in a diverse environment consisting of different temperaments, talents and convictions. We are constantly working on ways to improve our customers satisfaction, the lives of our employees and the community. Here is a set of things we are doing.

Our Food

Our Bold, Fresh and Fun Asian-inspired cuisine is both accessible and accommodating. We pride ourselves on using high quality products and work really hard on our recipes to serve unique and flavorful meals every day. Most important? We make as many of our ingredients as we can from scratch so that we know what’s in our food!  And, yes! most of our food is fresh from the day and we only use a little tiny freezer to keep some complicated ingredients.

Any question? Just ask us! We’re straightforward about our food - you can ask questions and we’ll have answers (no mystery meat here!).


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