Bon Me

Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian cuisine

Truck Events & Catering

We are more than happy to bring one of the trucks from our fleet over to you to serve up our Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian cuisine. Common events for us include: corporate events, birthday parties, wedding receptions and after parties, office lunches, and festivals though we love any occasion to sling some sandwiches… and noodles and rice!

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We have served at events ranging from 40 to 600 guests from Rhode Island to Maine and work hard with our clients to create an event experience that focuses on ease of ordering, speed of service and an enjoyable experience for guests and planners.

We have two categories of events:

  • Pre-paid events, where our minimum is about $2000, based on truck availability. This does not include tax, gratuity or travel fee.
  • Selling events, where guests pay for their own meals at the truck, the minimum varies and is dependent on information including: location, number of food vendors, and expected number of guests.

If you are looking for more information or have any questions, email us at
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