Bon Me

Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian cuisine


Pickup order are ready in 5 minutes. If you need more time, just let us know your pickup-time before checkout!

1) PICK your perfect lunch combination

2) CHECK OUT, and have your phone nearby! You'll receive our text message confirming your order

3) GRAB YOUR ORDER over at the pick up counter

For more than 10 ENTREES, contact our CATERING crew at 617-470-7545. We may have to DENY LARGE ORDER if it falls within 11:30AM-1PM and we're unable to accommodate it.


We know that finding the time to grab a good lunch can be a bit crazy sometimes, so we're trying out something new to get you in, out, and fed -- without the hassle of waiting in line. Bon Me One Kendall is test piloting our online ordering system, but our other restaurants will be ready soon!

We'd love to hear about any feedback or questions that you might have about the process. You can send us comments by clicking here.
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