bon me

asian-inspired eats


who you are

  • you’ve been in a leadership position in the food service industry

  • you actively develop your leadership skills, like motivating a team, delivering feedback, understanding your crew’s strengths + weaknesses, and training

  • you are a people person who can have honest + genuine conversations with customers and people you manage

  • you can serve food that is high-quality + safe

  • you bring a positive + respectful attitude that helps make work fun

  • you are responsible + reliable

the details

  • this is a full-time, salaried position that entails running services at one of our restaurants or food trucks, hiring + scheduling your team, developing leaders under you, maintaining high standards, and being ultimately in charge of your location

  • you start at $42,000 year + bonuses

  • you get 10 vacation days, holidays off, and paid sick time

  • you get an annual raise

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