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Longwood - Kinda Sorta Open Now!

Updates (newest at the bottom)

7/11 - Demo Day is today! We're so excited to break ground (well, walls etc.) on this project.

7/24 - Layout is complete, and we've started framing out the new walls and ceilings, and the truck object!

8/1 - Framing is complete, the checklist is up ✅, and rough plumbing is happening this week

8/21 - Almost through phase 1 of construction! Rough plumbing, rough HVAC, fire protection, rough electrical, and rough inspections are complete.

9/11 - So close to being done with construction! Beautiful Alaskan yellow cedar is being installed throughout.

9/18 - Plumbing, lighting, and bathrooms are done, and our signage is being installed next week!

10/2 - Our sign is installed, kitchen equipment is being put in, our final building inspection is done, and we’re wrapping up graphics.

10/12 - Getting final inspections done, stay tuned!!

10/25 - We are so close to opening! It’s hard to predict the timing on inspections — but we’ve been working on getting the space ready for fire + health inspections and we hope to be open very, very soon :)

10/29 - we opened on the sly today! we’re in the “soft open” phase, which means that we’re open for limited hours and we’re not shouting that we’re open from the roof tops. we’re easing into the the restaurant opening so that we can get things right.

11/6 - longwood, we love you. a lot of you came out last week to say hi. we sold out of food on tuesday. we had a bit of a crazy day on friday (i’m sorry to those of you who waited too long that day!). we’re really getting into the swing of things now. we’re even starting dinners tonight — we have two dinner-only menu items: miso kimchi ramen and japchae noodles. we hope we’ll see you for dinner soon. and we hope that we’ll see a lot of you back again for lunch. thank you so much for all of your support, excitement, and patience! we’ll do an official grand opening soon to celebrate.

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