Bon Me

Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian cuisine

Longwood - Coming Soon!

We're so excited to be opening a new restaurant in Longwood Medical Area this Fall 2018! We'll be located at 431 Brookline Ave. Check back here for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter below. 


7/11 - Demo Day is today! We're so excited to break ground (well, walls etc.) on this project.

7/24 - Layout is complete, and we've started framing out the new walls and ceilings, and the truck object!

8/1 - Framing is complete, the checklist is up ✅, and rough plumbing is happening this week

8/21 - Almost through phase 1 of construction! Rough plumbing, rough HVAC, fire protection, rough electrical, and rough inspections are complete.

9/11 - So close to being done with construction! Beautiful Alaskan yellow cedar is being installed throughout.

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