Bon Me

Bold, Fresh, and Fun Asian cuisine

We're looking for people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

We need people who love trying new things and will give us honest feedback. People who will laugh with us and who will buckle down with us when it's time to work hard. People who will get to know our customers just as well as they know their co-workers. 

We work hard, but we have a lot of fun. And, above all, we work as a team. We want you to join us if you'll be at home in the environment that our crew thrives in.


My favorite thing about working at Bon Me is the people here. I’ve met so many amazing, kind, passionate, and hard working people from all walks of life. It’s been a really eye opening and rewarding experience to work with, and get to know such a wide variety of people.
— Madison, Food Truck Supervisor
My favorite thing about my job is how I get to interact with different people during every shift and to learn how differences can bring people together.
— Jenny, Food Truck Supervisor
My favorite part of the job is the team work that each truck exhibits. Everyone is included and assisted when needed. No team member is left behind.
— Jailene, Crew Member

Start your career with us. Check out our opportunities and apply to join our team below.


Crew Member

Lee's passion is music -- he makes music with all of his free time. When he's on the food truck, he's our DJ. He uses music to make connections with customers and co-workers. He also makes new crew members feel welcome and helps them learn the ropes.

We're looking for more people like Lee, who use their passion to create a great team environment, to join our catering, restaurant, and truck teams. Crew members earn $13/hour after a 1-month training period.

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Like 97% of our supervisors, Oanh started out her career at Bon Me as a crew member. Now, she supervises a crew of her own. Supervisors are the glue that holds their team together -- they need to create an environment where their crew can learn from mistakes, work together as a team, and stay upbeat. They make sure that our customers get a high-quality product, fast.

We're hiring supervisors at our restaurants and on our trucks. Supervisors start at $15/hour, plus bonuses and benefits (for eligible employees)

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Andrew was the student president at BU, where he represented 16,652 students. Andrew is a community builder. He uses his leadership skills to build up the people around to him; to push people to achieve their potential; and to encourage people to become leaders. Like 90% of our managers, he started off as a crew member and worked his way up.


The Chan brothers both started off as crew members and followed their interests to become members of our corporate team. Kevin is a programming whiz, and he makes databases that help streamline our operations. Stanley crunches numbers and gets everyone paid. They both enjoy working at our restaurants and on our trucks so that they can meet new crew members and tell them stories from back when we only had two food trucks.
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