bon me

asian-inspired eats

community + culture intern

who you are

  • you’re a good story-teller

  • you like food -- cooking it, talking about it, or eating it

  • you’re a people person

  • you are detail-oriented

  • you like being active + mixing up your routine

  • you have food service experience or you can demonstrate interest in training or company culture

the responsibilities

you will work on all kinds of projects — and a lot of your work will depend on your skills + interests. past projects have included: creating our recruiting brand, designing new crew member orientation, creating training materials, and organizing professional development opportunities for our team. ongoing responsibilities entail: meeting with our staff to give engagement surveys, responding to customer inquiries, helping with recruiting, screening incoming applicants.

the details

  • the pay is $13/hour (duh of course it’s a paid internship!)

  • we’re pretty flexible on the hours, but you need to be able to work during the week

  • our office is located at 67 kemble street in boston

  • we prefer a candidate who wants to work here for a year

  • you get free bon me food!

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