bon me

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closing crew leader

who you are

  • you’ve been in a leadership position before, either in food service or in another field

  • you are a people person

  • you create beautiful + delicious meals

  • you bring a positive + respectful attitude that helps make work fun

  • you are responsible + reliable

the details

  • in addition to working a crew member shift, you’ll take on the responsibility of leading the last few hours of a shift + making sure the restaurant or food truck is closed down properly

  • you’ll be responsible for delegating tasks to crew members, upholding standards for food quality + customer service, and leaving the location in great shape

  • closing crew leaders on our food trucks are responsible for driving the food truck

  • restaurant closing crew leaders must be free in the evenings

  • you start at $15/hour

  • every 600 hours you work, you get a raise of $0.25/hour

  • pay goes up to $16.50/hour, and you can work on becoming an assistant manager

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