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Happy Marathon Monday!

Today's the big day! The 120th Boston Marathon!

Every year, the city of Boston practically shuts down to hold the world's oldest marathon. Athletes migrate from near and far to take part in one of Boston's oldest and most prestigious traditions. Participants have been training for months, even years, for this one day, and Bon Me wants to congratulate you all! Your hard work has paid off!

To celebrate the Boston Marathon runners, and athletes of all kinds, we've been handing out free Thai Basil Limeade's to anyone in workout gear for the past few weeks! Judging by your smiling faces, it seems that you enjoyed #HousemadeHydrating with us :) Take a look at some of our sporty customers. Maybe you're one of them!

Whether you run the marathon every year, or just run around the block every morning, Bon Me wants to applaud you! Keep on training, and keep on hydrating!

It's Spring! Look for your Favorite truck :)

Hey Foodie Friends!

It's Spring! ...Or, at least that's what the calendar says. Despite the chilly weather and EXTREMELY unwanted recent snow storm, it's April already, and that means the new food truck season has begun! 

Ever wonder how we all know where to park everyday? The city of Boston has very specific locations where food trucks are allowed to open and serve, but there are more food trucks than there are spots. To remedy this issue, the city started a food truck lottery, giving everyone a fair shot at getting good spots. That's why, once April 1st rolls around, more trucks come out, and everyone gets new locations. It can get a little confusing with everyone playing musical chairs, so we're here to help with a little information about our new locations!

  Picture taken by Masspirates  Boston Common - Monday & Wednesday 11-2:30

Picture taken by Masspirates
Boston Common - Monday & Wednesday 11-2:30

Boston Commons (@ Brewers Fountain)
We're very excited to come to this Boston Commons location for the first time! Right behind the Park St. train station, we'll be parked across from Brewers Fountain in the beautiful Commons. We'll be here every Monday and Wednesday from 11-2:30, so meet us for a sandwich under the trees, next to the fountain.

  Picture from Google Map  Blossom St. @MGH - Friday 11-7

Picture from Google Map
Blossom St. @MGH - Friday 11-7

Blossom Street (@MGH)
We're bringing back dinner at Blossom Street! We got a little too cold out there this winter, but now the warmer weather's coming back, so are we! We'll be across from the Gray entrance of the Bulfinch building at Mass General on Fridays from 11-7! If you're in need of a quick, fresh dinner during your long hospital shift, or if you want a snack after a afternoon jog around the Charles, we'll be here.

  Picture taken by Beck Chris  Belvidere - Saturdays 11:30-6

Picture taken by Beck Chris
Belvidere - Saturdays 11:30-6

We're back at our old Belvidere location on Saturdays! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area, our truck will be parked behind the Prudential Center, next to the Christian Science Center Reflecting pool. We used to come here during the week for all you hungry 9-5er's but we're coming back on Saturdays from 11:30-6 just in time for lazy summer days next to the reflecting pool or Saturday afternoon shoppers.

  Picture taken by Samuels & Associates  Landmark - Friday 11-2

Picture taken by Samuels & Associates
Landmark - Friday 11-2

Landmark Center
Another spot we're happy to have back! We'll be at Landmark Center on Friday's from 11-2, at 343 Park Drive in the Fens, ready to serve up soba noodles and rice bowls. We're right down the street from the Longwood Medical area, colleges like Simmons and MCPHS, and, most importantly, Fenway Park! Come grab some food on your lunch break, or even before a summertime Sox game!

More Spots!

Breathe a sigh of relief, we'll still be at our usual locations like Dewey Square, High Street, and Harvard! Check out our locations page on our site whenever you need to know where to find us!

Have a great week! We look forward to seeing you at our new locations!

Share the Love with #Bubbles!

Our #Bubbles may not be heart-shaped, but, this Valentine's Day, buy one BUBBLE TEA and we'll give your date a Bubble Tea for FREE!

Available at ALL our locations


#SmileWithBonMe to support Domestic Violence Victims


From January 25 - 31, we will be launching our #SmileWithBonMe campaign to give back to the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence. ATASK (Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence) provides critical services to domestic violence survivors, including emergency shelter, a multilingual hotline, and legal advocacy. ATASK supports survivors as they rebuild their lives.

For this campaign, we ask all our customers to snap a picture that shows a smile with the hastag #SmileWithBonMe and share it. Another way to participate is to mention this campaign at the new Chestnut Hill location.

For each share on social media, for each mention at Chestnut Hill, we pledge to donate $1. While we could have made a donation from the offset, we decided that by asking for your participation, we could achieve much more. With your help, we were confident that we could spread awareness of the importance of domestic abuse survivors within the asian community needs and services. When we unite together, our message of strength and hope is much stronger.

The Chestnut Hill location (200 Boylston St.) will be open Monday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Omissions and additions over the last few weeks.

 Accurate representation of our daikon running away. We assume this dog's name is carrots. Image source:  JapanCrush.Com

Accurate representation of our daikon running away. We assume this dog's name is carrots. Image source: JapanCrush.Com

"Where’s the daikon?!"

Over the last month or so, we’ve seen some pretty emotional reactions to our shredded daikon leaving our noodle salads. Like “Rose, I can’t believe you let him just fall to the bottom of the ocean after he said he’ll love you forever” emotional.

With our expansion, we’ve been doubling back to make sure that we’re still maintaining the highest possible food quality that we can. The water content in our shredded daikon was making our carrots limp and soggy. By omitting them, we’re sacrificing minimal flavor for maximum quality. #TeamCrispCarrots

Fort Point customers, you may have noticed that there’s no daikon anywhere on the menu at this brick and mortar location. The reason for this is simple: we want to be good neighbors. 

Daikon sometimes has a distinct smell that’s particularly offensive to some (read more about the specifics of this smell here:, and the air flow over at Fort Point seems to let odors seep through the walls more than other locations. As tasty as pickled daikon is, we decided to wave a white flag in the direction of the funk that our favorite Asian radish creates.

With that said, we’re adding cool new things to our menu as well. Most noteworthy is our new relationship with Evy Tea. Evy Tea offers up a premium cold brew that we’re excited to share with our customers at all locations. Ali and Evy of Evy Tea have been friends since their childhood days, and we’re looking forward to using their culinary minds to bring you some flavorful new drink specials in the upcoming months.

 Ali and Evy preparing for a tea demo at Bon Me Fort Point

Ali and Evy preparing for a tea demo at Bon Me Fort Point

More fun additions include a housemade breakfast sandwich (!!!) exclusively at Boston Public Market, and a Red Curry Pulled Chicken special for all trucks and restaurants. 

Let us know, what do you want to see next on the menu? 

Fall Reflections

It’s starting to feel like Fall (finally!) and we’re doing a bit of reflecting on this summer.

We started off the season by touching base with our inner nerds and launching online ordering at our One Kendall Square restaurant. The program is a huge success, and hundreds of you have been able to get your sandwiches, rice bowls, and noodle salads with just the click of a mouse. Given its popularity, we’re aiming on getting online ordering at some of our other brick-and-mortar locations as well, stay tuned!

Speaking of brick-and-mortars, this summer brought along two huge openings for Bon Me. The first is a restaurant stand inside Boston Public Market. It’s thrilling to be a part of this year-round indoor market, and we're enthusiastic for collaborations with some of the vendor neighbors. There’s a whole lot of cheese, sausage, and sweets that we’ve been window shopping for on our lunch breaks!

The second opening on our list is the long-awaited restaurant at Fresh Pond in Alewife. Fresh Pond is the only Bon Me location with a deep fryer, and as expected, we were joyously frying up things all summer long to come up with the perfect bites for the new space. 

Karaage fried chicken, Japanese sweet potato fries, and Bon Me Dogs (an item we haven’t served up since the last Food Truck Throwdown!) are the products of our summer of testing. We’re serving these up for dinner in Fresh Pond to help you slip into a comforting food coma a little closer to bedtime.

So what’s next after this crazy summer? We’ve got some more growth happening with a 6th truck underway (we’re looking for color suggestions!) and a restaurant in development over at Chestnut Hill. 

It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago, we were one small yellow truck slinging sandwiches to a few hundred people a day, and now we’re thinking about restaurant #5 and truck #6. Thanks for following us on the journey — we couldn’t do it without you hungry folks!


Online Ordering

It’s been about a month since we’ve opened up the option of line cutting via online ordering at Bon Me One Kendall. We’ve had a few minor hiccups along the way -- a 20 entrée online order in the middle of our lunch rush certainly made us reevaluate the capacity of orders we could take at once, and the common comments of “MISO PORK INSTEAD OF BBQ PORK PLZ” have us rethinking the menu offerings online – but overall, the process has been smooth sailing!

Our vision is that regular customers who definitely know what they want for lunch get in and out of the door more quickly, and those that need a little bit more time deciding have the opportunity to peruse without feeling the pressure from those waiting behind them. Lunch break minutes are valuable, and we’d rather have you folks enjoying your food with this precious time rather than standing around waiting for it!

We're a few years away from being able to reach into your screen to nom on this. Online ordering will just have to suffice until we get some Willy Wonka magic up in here.

We’ve got a distinct “Pick Up Here” sign coming soon to One Kendall to help ease any confusion on where you grab your online orders from – there have been a handful of online orderers empathetic to those waiting in line, but we promise there are no hard feelings if you cut straight to the front!

Have you had a chance to test out the system? Let us know what you think
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