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Your new syllabus πŸ““

You're settling into your back to school routine, so get settled into your new Bon Me lunch routine too!

New Menu at Harvard, Northeastern, Boston UniversityΒ πŸŽ’


Time for some learning! We're serving up our new menu almost everywhere now, including, starting today, Northeastern and BU. And ICYMI we opened a new location in Harvard'sΒ Smith Campus CenterΒ (we're keeping our truck too) both with theΒ new menu.Β 


Our Chef Crafted items are inspired by Chef Ali's cravings, and the season (so get ready for some soups soon! 🍜)

Want to stick to your usual?
You can always make it with the Craft Your Bowl section of the menu, and try a new add on too - like kimchi πŸ”₯!Β 


How about trying these dishes for free? Work for us! It's a great way to cut into that student debt, make friends, and of course eat delicious food.

~The Bon Me Crew