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Two more spots to try something new! ✨

ICYMI the new menu made it to a couple more spots this week! Check out where and brush up on your new favorite dishes available now.

New Menu at Boston Public Market & High St!

Check it out at  Boston Public Market !

Check it out at Boston Public Market!

Greenway  staff give it a try and a 👍

Greenway staff give it a try and a 👍

Your New Faves

K-Town Throwdown 
gochujang chicken (aka k-town chicken) every dang day! also, kimchi
Thai It Out
you just gotta try it, for the fish sauce lovers
The Food Truck Fave
miso-braised pulled pork + spicy peanut = food truck fan's dream come true
Sesame Soba Noodles
#MeatlessMondays just got a lot easier
The J.P.
#eatlocal with tofu made in Jamaica Plain on your sammy
The Namesake
how it all started, our take on the banh mi

Don't worry you can still find your old faves on the "Craft Your Bowl" section of the menu, and dress them up with new add-ons like roasted scallions!

Is the new menu not at your favorite Bon Me yet? It will be soon! Until then you can always order the new dishes by delivery.

Happy Eating!
~The Bon Me Crew