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Breaking ground at Longwood 🚧

Demo day is today at Bon Me restaurant #8! 

Bon Me Longwood

Screenshot 2018-06-25 16.21.08.png

We're so excited to bring Bon Me to Longwood Medical Area, permanently! We send trucks there whenever we can, do lots of catering in the area, and love slinging sandwiches to the neighborhood. 
We'll be at 431 Brookline Ave, in the Joslin Diabetes Center building. 


We'll be posting updates about construction progress to our website here, so be sure to bookmark the page and check back! 

Work nearby? You'll see a handy checklist on the window too.


Fun fact:
Mike Ramos, our construction manager from Stack + Co, just finished up work on the ICA Watershed, so you know he's a pro!

Don't forget to check for updates here, and tell your friends!

Happy Demo Day!
~The Bon Me Crew