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A hearty salad for a hardy people 🥗

Spring in New England, you never know what you're gonna get! That's why we created The New Englander, a salad that's as hearty as it is refreshing for both the 40 degree and rainy 🌧️, and 60 and sunny days ☀️. 

The New Englander

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Made up of baby kale and mesclun tossed with Chinese salt & pepper chicken, hearty quinoa, crisp savoy cabbage, cucumber, grape tomatoes, toasted almonds, and lemon vinaigrette. It's the perfect light, but filling lunch.  

Laugh your way to our Test Kitchen

Right now, this salad is only available at our Test Kitchen, as one of our Chef Crafted dishes. Like all our Test Kitchen dishes, it has the potential to be added to the rest of our location menus!

Be sure to stop by and tell us what you think. 

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Happy Spring!
~The Bon Me Crew