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Meet the crew

We couldn't have made it to seven years in business without all the people working hard behind the scenes! 


Erin is our Director of Mobile Operations and has worked here for just over three years. She worked her way up from crew member, to supervisor, to manager, and now she's running all the truck business!


Ivan is our Commissary Supervisor, a man you may never meet, but who keeps systems running smoothly in the kitchen that processes hundreds of pounds of fresh ingredients a day!

He's been with us for 6 years, through changes in commissary location, menu, and huge growth in our number of locations. 



Mike, or Feeney as most of us call him, started as a delivery driver in 2013 and now he's our Business Development Specialist. He helps us open new locations like the Test Kitchen, and the Harvard Smith Center coming in the Fall!


ok rach 1.jpg

Rachel started out as a restaurant manager at our Fort Point location in 2013. She's since opened our Back Bay restaurant, and has been promoted to Area Manager, managing three of our restaurants! 

Fun fact: Bon Me catered her wedding. 

Think you could rise through the Bon Me ranks and help us to another seven years of success? Apply now!