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Be a sweetie to your #BonMeBestie 💕

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. It's for #BonMeBesties too! And we've got the perfect way to celebrate.

#BonMeBesties 4 Life

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Is your work wife always up for some Bon Me? Or maybe your galentine always brings you back a bubble tea. They deserve a treat this Valentine's Day.
Buy their lunch and get a free heart shaped cookie for each of you!  🍪❤️

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Our Matcha Shortbread Cookies are making a special appearance just for today!

Want to just #treatyoself? Grab one for $2.50. 

p.s. Chinese New Year is on Friday! Celebrate both holidays by making your sweetie a treat with our recipe for 8 Treasures Bars.

Happy Valentine's Day!
~The Bon Me Crew