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The End of Summer is Here! Don't Cry Yet...

Come hang with us at these events this weekend!

JP Music Festival, September 9 (Noon-7pm)


We'll be out dancing in September like there never was a cloudy dayyy 🎵 🕺 It's time to jam out with a Spicy Ginger Lemonade with this lineup! Learn more about the festivities here or at their website.

Underground @ Ink Block, September 9 (2-6pm)


Street art is imbedded deep in the heart of Boston's art culture. We'll be stationed in one of the most unique parts of the city, a park under the I-93 overpass for the unveiling over 150,000 sq ft of new murals by today's most influential street-artists. There will be music, fitness, games, and most importantly, food! So grab a few sandwiches with some friends and be part of the underground scene! Check out this sneak peak.

ICA Harbor Market, September 9 (11am-4pm)


Start off the chill fall season by visiting us at the ICA Harbor Market! We'll be by the harbor, so come and enjoy the sea breeze with a warm Rice Noodle Bowl! Shop handmade goods, sample local concoctions, get your craft on, and kick back with cold brew. More info.

Grilled Cheese & Mac and Cheese & Cheesesteak & Beer at the SoWa Open Market, September 9-10 (10am-4pm)


Food trucks from all around Boston are putting their own spin on cheese delights for the festivities in this uniquely themed weekend. Bon Me will be serving a Cheesy Banh Mi, a Cucumber Feta Salad, and another surprise dish! So come over to the South End to try it out and see it to believe it! 


We're testing out a new drink! Try our Evy TeaIced Matcha Latte now being served exclusively at our Harvard truck location and Back Bay restaurant! Be sure to tweet us @bonme to tell us what you think!

Wanna be more in the know? Check out our twitter page for specific updates, times, and our locations day to day!

Happy Eventing!
~The Bon Me Crew