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asian-inspired eats

Changing seasons...changing menu!

We've got some fresh new menu items (all GF!) for you to try at our trucks & restaurants. And keep your eyes peeled for some really cool things coming exclusively to the new East Cambridge restaurant, opening soon! 

New Special Protein

Black Pepper & Ginger Pork (🔥) (GF)

We wish you could smell our first ever gluten-friendly pork through the screen, cuz it smells *fanfreakingtastic*. Gingery peppery deliciousness, perfect in your salad or in a sandwich, this special protein will be rotating regularly!

New Rotating Sides

Smashed Cucumber Salad (🔥) (VV) (GF)

040 (2) copy.jpg

Tart, refreshing, and a little spicy (like us), this side is made with smashed cucumbers marinated in thai chili oil, sesame oil, and vinegar. 

Wok Charred Corn & Jalapeño Salad (🔥) (VV) (GF)

Hanging onto summer by corn threads! A yummy mix of corn, jalapeños, and red onion will help you through these first couple weeks of Fall. 

035 copy.jpg

Roasted Japanese Eggplant (GF)

Roasted Japanese Eggplant crop.jpg

Be a little less bitter about the changing of the seasons with Japanese eggplant, a more tender version of its Western cousin. 

Need to re-familiarize yourself with the oldies but goodies? Check out our whole menu on our website.