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Trucked Up With Ernie

Ever wonder how we turn regular old trucks and carts into insanely efficient, fun, and colorful food trucks and carts? It's not magic, it's this guy! 

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Ernie Wong, the owner of Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, has been designing our trucks for about as long as you've been enjoying our Spice Rubbed Chicken. He custom-builds the trucks with every piece of equipment fitting just so (so food flows easily from us to you). He's been in the food truck biz for about 15 years and the New York Times wrote about him, so you know he's good! 

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His most recent Bon Me project was our food carts! They may be small, but they're powerful. Figuring out a way to fit the same amount of food and supplies as the trucks is a feat only Ernie can do.

"The carts were an especially fun design challenge because we had to make the operational flow just as effective with about half the amount of space of the usual Bon Me trucks," Ernie explained. 

Check out Ernie's latest masterpieces at Copley Square and Post Office Square (and grab a mouth-watering meal while you're at it). In case you need a reminder, follow us on Twitter for daily times and locations.

Happy Eating!
~The Bon Me Crew