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April Showers Bring New Locations

Seasons change, flowers bloom, and your favorite Bold, Fresh, and Fun food trucks are on the move.

Blossom Street
Our Blossom St location will still be around Friday lunch and dinner and, starting April 3rd, we will will also be around Monday for lunch and dinner!

BU  Time to shake things up BU! Starting soon, we will be serving dinner on Friday
Northeastern  As of April 3rd, we will be at Northeastern on Mondays for lunch!

Athena Health
In April we will be at Athena Health on Fridays for lunch!

Time to shake things up BU! Starting soon, we will be serving dinner on Friday

Boston Common
What's the best thing to keep you going all week? Bon Me lunch at the Boston Common, every weekday!

First-Ever Food Carts!
If you thought our trucks were cool, just wait until you see our new carts! We'll be in Copley Square during the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and weekends for lunch and dinner. Make sure to catch us in Post Office Square, too, for lunch during the week! Soft-opening next week, open full time soon. 

Change is Good (we promise)!
With all these wonderful new additions to our times and locations, here's what won't be sticking around: Monday dinner at Northeastern and Clarendon, Monday lunch at Stuart St and Milk St, Tuesday lunch at Blossom St, Wednesday lunch at Northeastern, Wednesday dinner at BU, Thursday lunch at Stuart St, Thursday dinner at BU, and Friday lunch at City Hall Plaza.

But, there's more! Check out our new sites in Dudley for lunch and dinner, coming soon. Be on the lookout for more updates to our times and locations on our locations page!

Want daily updates on our truck locations? Take a peek at our Twitter page below.

Happy Spring!
~The Bon Me Crew