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Happy Marathon Monday!

Today's the big day! The 120th Boston Marathon!

Every year, the city of Boston practically shuts down to hold the world's oldest marathon. Athletes migrate from near and far to take part in one of Boston's oldest and most prestigious traditions. Participants have been training for months, even years, for this one day, and Bon Me wants to congratulate you all! Your hard work has paid off!

To celebrate the Boston Marathon runners, and athletes of all kinds, we've been handing out free Thai Basil Limeade's to anyone in workout gear for the past few weeks! Judging by your smiling faces, it seems that you enjoyed #HousemadeHydrating with us :) Take a look at some of our sporty customers. Maybe you're one of them!

Whether you run the marathon every year, or just run around the block every morning, Bon Me wants to applaud you! Keep on training, and keep on hydrating!