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Online Ordering

It’s been about a month since we’ve opened up the option of line cutting via online ordering at Bon Me One Kendall. We’ve had a few minor hiccups along the way -- a 20 entrée online order in the middle of our lunch rush certainly made us reevaluate the capacity of orders we could take at once, and the common comments of “MISO PORK INSTEAD OF BBQ PORK PLZ” have us rethinking the menu offerings online – but overall, the process has been smooth sailing!

Our vision is that regular customers who definitely know what they want for lunch get in and out of the door more quickly, and those that need a little bit more time deciding have the opportunity to peruse without feeling the pressure from those waiting behind them. Lunch break minutes are valuable, and we’d rather have you folks enjoying your food with this precious time rather than standing around waiting for it!

We're a few years away from being able to reach into your screen to nom on this. Online ordering will just have to suffice until we get some Willy Wonka magic up in here.

We’ve got a distinct “Pick Up Here” sign coming soon to One Kendall to help ease any confusion on where you grab your online orders from – there have been a handful of online orderers empathetic to those waiting in line, but we promise there are no hard feelings if you cut straight to the front!

Have you had a chance to test out the system? Let us know what you think