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asian-inspired eats

introducing, our spring menu!

bun bowl

we’ll have two new dishes available april 1.

this blog post gives some background on the dishes, but if you’re just here for mouth-watering photos, that’s cool, too.

sichuan mazemen

no-broth ramen with tingling sichuan peppercorn— perfect for warmer weather

sichuan mazemen

this is version 2.0 of a dish from 2018: dandan noodles. they were popular and earned some diehard fans. however, we did get people saying “this isn’t dandan noodles” (to learn more about dandan noodles, i recommend this video). we’re used to this kind of feedback (ever wondered why we call it un-thai iced tea?). but this time we decided that it was a loose enough interpretation that we’d rethink the dish. so, chef fong landed on sichuan-style mazemen as a starting point.

the dish has a complex flavor that hits many notes: savory, nutty, spicy, and minty. to capture the complexity, it’s important to mix everything together -- the noodles, chicken, veggies, and sauce -- so that each bite hits you with some numbing peppercorn, savory soy chicken, and crunchy greens.

sichuan mazemen is available exclusively at our restaurants.

bun bowl

it's pronounced boon (rhymes with spoon) and it's our take on bún chả, a vietnamese noodle salad.

bun bowl

we’ve had noodle salads on the menu since the beginning, but this one can more clearly trace it’s inspiration back to bún chả. it’s got the funky fish sauce, crushed peanuts for texture, fresh mint, and lots of vegetables, all over a bed of rice noodles. bun bowl hits you with plenty of umami that’s balanced with fresh greens.

bonus: japchae noodles

available on our food trucks starting april 1

japchae noodles

they’re already available at our restaurants, and now our food truck team has worked some magic to debut them. japchae noodles are korean stir-fry and translate literally to mixed noodles. we’re mixing up sweet potato glass noodles + soy sauce with char siu bbq pork, sesame carrots, bean sprouts, roasted kale + scallions, and enoki mushrooms.

sadly, this does mean that some winter dishes are saying farewell. it’s your last chance to get ali’s pho, the coconut noodle salad, and the resolution bowl!