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Vegan Summer Menu 🌞

Looking to eat more veggies this summer? We'll make it easy with our new all vegan summer menu dropping on the 28th! 

Summer Rolls

Roll up for our new Summer Rolls—light, vegan treats that'll make your tummy smile. We'll have rotating flavors like Cucumber Mint, Thai Basil Apple, Carrot Jalapeno, Scallion Tofu, & Rainbow rolls available everywhere, every day!

Miso Glazed Eggplant & Black Beans

Summer is the perfect time to opt for veggies and this vegan protein special makes *miso* happy.

Spicy Sesame Chickpeas

For a little zing, give this gluten friendly and vegan protein special a try. They may be 🔥🔥, but they're served cold.

Roasted Asparagus

For a limited time only! Roasted and tossed with togarashi (a Japanese mix of spices, pepper seaweed, and orange peel), this chilled veggie is the perfect sidekick for any of our main dishes. Bonus: it's gluten friendly!

Just in case you need a refresher of our whole mouth-watering menu, click the button below!

Happy Summer!
~The Bon Me Crew

Behind Bon Me

No, we don't wave a magic wand to have your favorite Rice Noodle Salad appear (but that would be so cool!!) A lot of preparation goes into every step of getting our food from us to you and we've got the video to prove it. 

Watch the first mini film in a series of "Behind Bon Me" above! And stay tuned for more videos featuring our dedicated crew, efficient commissary, and, of course, colorful trucks! 

P.S. Don't worry, we didn't forget about dad! Get your pops a Bon Me gift card for Fathers' Day. Give him a break from BBQ-ing, it's a *grate* gift he'll *flip* for 😂.

Happy Eating!
~The Bon Me Crew

What Would You Do For Free Bon Me?

Bike up every hill in Boston, promise to clean the bathroom for a whole month, or maybe tell your friend how you really feel about their new haircut? We'll make it a lot easier.
Take this short survey and you'll be entered to win a $30 gift card! 

Happy Bellies Means Happy People

IMG_8758 copy.jpg

Free Bon Me could be in your future! Don't just sit there...take the survey 😁

Happy Eating!
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Bon Me ➡️ Blackbird Doughnuts 🍩

For some, Bon Me is the start of an incredible career in the food industry. Anna Perna is no exception. We sat down with the Blackbird Doughnuts Chef to ask a few questions about her food journey.

Anna working on a Bon Me truck

Anna working on a Bon Me truck

What were your roles at Bon Me?
I worked on the blue truck at Dewey during the lunch shift. Then, I started driving the truck, and eventually worked at the commissary, I helped with food prep in the evenings. 

 Photo by Jacqueline Cain, Boston Magazine

 Photo by Jacqueline Cain, Boston Magazine

Tell us a little about your job right now.
I'm the Head Baker for Blackbird Doughnuts, however, unofficially I'm the "do-whatever-go-to" gal. Between baking, hiring, running the kitchen and front of house staff, and starting the new store, I'm kept on my toes. Even though I have a lot to juggle, it's a big team effort and I love the team.

What's the most important lesson you learned during your time at Bon Me that helped you get where you are today?
My biggest takeaway from my time at Bon Me was to plan and prepare. With work and projects constantly in motion (sometimes literally...our trucks!), staying organized helped me anticipate all possible outcomes.

What advice do you have for people wanting to grow their career in the food industry?
I believe that the foundation for growth is having ideas and goals, but that it is equally important to keep an open mind and try new things—work at a bar, a restaurant, or food truck until you find what works. I advocate pursuing a path that you enjoy and finding a motto to guide your decisions. And above all, don't give up easily.

What's your favorite food from Bon Me?
You can catch me at the Boston Public Market location munching on my favorite, a half chicken, half tofu Soba Noodle Salad with Miso Lime dressing.

One day this blog could be about you! Apply to join the Bon Me Crew and gain valuable insight into the food industry.

Join Us!
~The Bon Me Crew

Zongzi At Bon Me

Zongzi (Chinese: 粽子; pinyin: zòngzi), or simply zong (粽; zòng), is a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings, wrapped in bamboo leaves and cooked by steaming or boiling.

Try One Today to Support the CPA! 

We're selling these traditional treats next week to support the Retail Skills Class at the Chinese Progressive Association! The retail class helps low-income immigrants learn customer service and mainstream job search skills like interviewing and resume writing.

Zongzis were traditionally eaten at the Dragon Boat Festival. Check it out for yourself on June 11th and find out more about the ancient patriot-poet Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat Festival legend.

We've partnered with the Chinese Progressive Association on many different initiatives including the #Fightfor15. Learn more about our partnership below. 

Happy Zongzi Eating! 
~The Bon Me Crew

P.S. Our Kendall Square, Fort Point, and Boston Public Market locations will be closed for Memorial Day. Follow our Twitter page for updates on the truck schedules. 

Get festive this festival season! 🎉

Our favorite time of year is here! The sun is out and the skies are blue, and our rainbow colored trucks are dishing out delicious grub straight to you. 

It's May and you know what that means...festivals! Food festivals, music festivals, festive festivals! We're glad to be a part of one of our favorites, Boston Calling for the fourth time. We'll be there all three days of the unforgettable weekend along with some other awesome food trucks and restaurants.

Here's some other events we'll be at this May:
-5/20 Franklin Park Kite & Bike Festival
-5/21 Brookline Bike Parade
-5/27 Trillium Brewing Company

But, it doesn't end there. Stay up to date with our other events throughout the summer by following us on Twitter!

Stop by our truck at Boston Calling and eat to the beat! We know you'll be snapping photos, so make sure to take an #instaworthy meal pic. Tag us and maybe you'll get instafamous!

Happy Festivals!
~The Bon Me Crew

Mother's Day Gift

Sure, flowers are pretty, but we both know you'd pick a tasty meal over tulips any day! Get your Mom something to nom on this Mother's Day.

Whether she's a Soba Noodle Salad kind of gal or she's all about the Deviled Tea Eggs, a Bon Me gift card is guaranteed to put a smile on your Mom's face. Plus, if she's busy chowing down on a Brown Rice Bowl, she won't be able to ask why you haven't moved out yet.

And, let's be real, your mom's the one that taught you how to be cool (even if nowadays you have to teach her how to Snapchat). So, return the favor with a gift from your favorite lunch spot. Your mom will be the hippest gal in the office.

We're making it even easier for you to rock your Mother's day gift this year. Our Bon Me gift cards are available at our trucks, restaurants, and online as a egift card!

Happy Mother's Day!
~The Bon Me Crew

Bon Me Alum

Some Bon Me employees have gone on to do incredible things in the Boston food world. We caught up with Jackson, founder of Fresh Food Generation, a Caribbean and Latin American catering, food truck, and cafe with farm to plate ingredients selling food in neighborhoods where healthy food is hard to find.

Jackson & Cassandria, Fresh Food Generation Co-Founders

What were your roles at Bon Me?

I started in the restaurant, commissary, and truck simultaneously to see where my strengths were and to be placed where I was most useful. I eventually spent the majority of my time as a shift manager for [the] Yellow and Blue [trucks]. 

Tell us a little about your job right now. 

I am one of the founders and owners at Fresh Food Generation so every day looks a little different. I wear many different hats, so I could be training new staff, acting as the kitchen manager, hopping on the truck, working at the cafe, doing a catering drop, ordering food, taking inventory, or working on bigger project for FFG. 

What's the most important lesson you learned during your time at Bon Me that helped you get where you are today?

On the technical side, Bon Me taught me about food flow and the business of running a food truck. How to build a truck, what propane is/does, how to jump a truck battery, how to replace a truck battery. On the less tangible side, I came to appreciate how hard Ali and Pat worked to get Bon Me to where it is today. They were both super supportive and willing to give advice after a long day of work. They also let us use their kitchen in Roxbury to do some of our first events which was unbelievably generous. 

What advice do you have for people wanting to grow their career in the food industry?

The food industry is tough, really tough. So there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. First, you have got to be passionate about what you're doing because you will struggle and hit road blocks along the way. You will also make mistakes and have to correct them. You need to have blind optimism that your food dream will work and then work stupid hard to make it happen.
  2. The second thing to consider is how long you want to work in the food [industry]. If it's 1 year, your career won't get that far. You need to give 5-10 years of your life to become somewhat proficient in what you do. If that's too much time, it might be worth looking into something else. 
  3. Finally, if you are starting a business, realize that whatever gets you excited about working in food, it's probably only going to be about 5-10% of your time in your own business. There are two solutions to this; one is to get a business partner who has strengths that you lack so that they can handle some of the workload; or get ready to learn about a lot of things that you had little interest in learning in the first place. 

What's your favorite food from Bon Me?

Definitely the Bon Me Sandwich, Tofu, no pate, extra pickles, and jalapeño. 

Want to make the first, or maybe final stop, in your food industry career? Apply on our website today! 

Join us!
~The Bon Me Crew

Trucked Up With Ernie

Ever wonder how we turn regular old trucks and carts into insanely efficient, fun, and colorful food trucks and carts? It's not magic, it's this guy! 

042 copy.jpg

Ernie Wong, the owner of Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, has been designing our trucks for about as long as you've been enjoying our Spice Rubbed Chicken. He custom-builds the trucks with every piece of equipment fitting just so (so food flows easily from us to you). He's been in the food truck biz for about 15 years and the New York Times wrote about him, so you know he's good! 

049 copy.jpg


His most recent Bon Me project was our food carts! They may be small, but they're powerful. Figuring out a way to fit the same amount of food and supplies as the trucks is a feat only Ernie can do.

"The carts were an especially fun design challenge because we had to make the operational flow just as effective with about half the amount of space of the usual Bon Me trucks," Ernie explained. 

Check out Ernie's latest masterpieces at Copley Square and Post Office Square (and grab a mouth-watering meal while you're at it). In case you need a reminder, follow us on Twitter for daily times and locations.

Happy Eating!
~The Bon Me Crew

Join us for an 🌎 Day Celebration

We know you appreciate the planet as much as we do, but here's your chance to give the earth some extra love!

Harvard Environmental Action Committee
Earth Day Bonanza
Harvard Science Center Plaza
Saturday, April 22, 11am-2pm

EAC Logo-BIG.png

Celebrate Earth Day with us and learn a lot too! You'll get to listen to live music, learn a lot, and of course enjoy Bon Me food! 

Harvard sustainability and local environmental organizations will be doing demonstrations on how to treat our planet with care. We've partnered up with some local organizations to teach you more about composting (we love composting - ninety percent of our packaging is compostable!)

And if that didn't convince you, just wait! Stop by our truck to enter the raffle for a $50 gift card. Think of all the Rice Noodle Salads (look, it's in a compostable box)!

Show us your love for the planet by taking an #instaworthy pic of your Bon Me compostable brown box. Make sure to tag us!

Happy Earth Day!
~The Bon Me Crew

Bon Me Appetit #9: Cucumber Apple Salad

We know this rainy weather makes it hard to believe it's actually Spring, but our Cucumber Apple Salad will help bring some sunshine into your life (and bellies). It's simple, it's fast, and, boy, it's tasty!

Cucumber Apple Salad

036 (2) copy.jpg

Here's What You Need:

  • 1 Fuji apple, thinly sliced 
  • 1/2 of a cucumber, seeds removed, thinly sliced 
  • 1 tablespoon minced red onion
  • 1/3 cup vinaigrette (a basic oil and vinegar vinaigrette or substitute Italian dressing)
  • Sliced scallions to garnish

Directions (makes 2 side servings): 

  1. Mix all ingredients together
  2. Let salad sit for at least 15 minutes so the flavors meld
  3. Enjoy!

There you have it! An easy way to enjoy the sweet taste of Spring. Try it out, post a pic, and make sure to tag us. We'd love to see how it comes out!

Happy Cooking!
~The Bon Me Crew

April Showers Bring New Locations

Seasons change, flowers bloom, and your favorite Bold, Fresh, and Fun food trucks are on the move.

Blossom Street
Our Blossom St location will still be around Friday lunch and dinner and, starting April 3rd, we will will also be around Monday for lunch and dinner!

BU Time to shake things up BU! Starting soon, we will be serving dinner on Friday
Northeastern As of April 3rd, we will be at Northeastern on Mondays for lunch!

Athena Health
In April we will be at Athena Health on Fridays for lunch!

Time to shake things up BU! Starting soon, we will be serving dinner on Friday

Boston Common
What's the best thing to keep you going all week? Bon Me lunch at the Boston Common, every weekday!

First-Ever Food Carts!
If you thought our trucks were cool, just wait until you see our new carts! We'll be in Copley Square during the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and weekends for lunch and dinner. Make sure to catch us in Post Office Square, too, for lunch during the week! Soft-opening next week, open full time soon. 

Change is Good (we promise)!
With all these wonderful new additions to our times and locations, here's what won't be sticking around: Monday dinner at Northeastern and Clarendon, Monday lunch at Stuart St and Milk St, Tuesday lunch at Blossom St, Wednesday lunch at Northeastern, Wednesday dinner at BU, Thursday lunch at Stuart St, Thursday dinner at BU, and Friday lunch at City Hall Plaza.

But, there's more! Check out our new sites in Dudley for lunch and dinner, coming soon. Be on the lookout for more updates to our times and locations on our locations page!

Want daily updates on our truck locations? Take a peek at our Twitter page below.

Happy Spring!
~The Bon Me Crew

Spring Menu

As winter turns to spring, we're turning to new, fresh, bold flavors on our trucks and in our restaurants. Here's a sneak peak of our Spring Menu, debuting April 3rd.

Thai Basil Chicken

105 copy.jpg

We're excited to announce our special Spring filling, Thai Basil Chicken. Our first ground chicken filling, the Thai Basil Chicken is our take on the traditional Gai Pad Krapow dish. A little spicy, a little salty, a lot delicious, our Thai Basil Chicken is sure to be your new fave.

Apple Cucumber Salad

DSC_0324 copy.jpg

We're adding another tasty side to our menu, the Apple Cucumber Salad. This Asian slaw is light, crisp, and addicting. Slices of Fuji apples are mixed with cucumbers and tossed in a delicate vinaigrette to make a healthy side to any of our entrees.

Coconut Chia Pudding

To finish the meal, we've got our new Coconut Chia Pudding. This dessert is made by soaking chia seeds in coconut milk, then finishing with a touch of cane sugar and salt. We're already obsessed and you will be too.

Need a refresher on our usual menu? t's always available on our website, so you can get your mouth watering any time.

Happy Eating!
~The Bon Me Crew

Bon Me & Caviar

Ever wish you could get your favorite Bon Me meal without ever leaving your apartment? Well, Caviar is here to make those dreams come true.

What's Caviar?

Caviar makes ordering from your favorite restaurants fast and easy! Available online and on Android and iOS, Caviar works with popular local restaurants to bring delicious meals into your living room.

Bon Me and Caviar have teamed up so you can enjoy that Chinese BBQ Pork Brown Rice Bowl no matter where you are! Our Alewife, Chestnut Hill Square, and Kendall Square restaurants are now live on the Caviar app. Just enter your location and search for Bon Me.

Get that food now! 

Happy Ordering!
~The Bon Me Crew

Happy International Women's Day!

At Bon Me, we seek to celebrate and empower our female employees every day. On International Women's Day we go a step further to bring attention to women everywhere who are making strides in their communities, their jobs, and their cultures.

Many People, One Heart

Celebrate International Women's Day with the Chinese Progressive Association and Bon Me

The Boston Chinese Progressive Association, a Bon Me partner, is honoring dynamic local female leaders on International Women's Day, directly following the Day Without Women Rally.

Join us! Bon Me staff will be attending, and providing light food for the event.
More information available here.
Tickets available here.

Did you know? 

We're proud to say that over fifty percent of our supervisors and managers are women! Empowering women is a key pillar of our company mission.

Find out more about the Bon Me ethos, and our mission.

Go Women!
~The Bon Me Crew

We're Hiring!

Are you in the market for some tasty new opportunities? 
Bon Me is hiring! Sink your teeth into these juicy jobs.

Director of Restaurants 

We're looking for someone to oversee all restaurant operations across or 5 (and growing) restaurants. If you're committed to ensuring high quality service, building our brand, and want a chance to make an impact on a growing company, this job is for you.

Employee Development Specialist 

You'll be the point person for creating a cohesive and inclusive company culture with a young and diverse workforce. If you can successfully recruit employees, train them, motivate them, and advocate for them, all the while innovating better processes and practices for employment policy, you're perfect for the job. 

Crew Member 

We've got multiple positions at different locations and with different hours! Crew members interact with customers and assemble food on our trucks or at our restaurants. 

Catering Assistant

Work in our catering kitchen, preparing and assembling food while working with a dedicated team! A valid driver's license is required.

Think you're the perfect match for these positions? Let us know!

We hope to hear from you soon 😉
~The Bon Me Crew

Treat your #BonMeKid this February break...and win!

Out and about with your #BonMeKid this February school vacation? Our restaurants have fun coloring pages, Mini Rice Bowls, and Mini Noodle Salads to keep them busy! And they could even help you win a Bon Me gift card...

So how do I win?

Snap a pic of your cutie enjoying their Bon Me kids meal, coloring in our coloring pages, or by one of our trucks, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #BonMeKid and we'll pick winners at the end of the week! 

Keep tagging us in those pics on Insta! And don't forget to follow us.

Bon Me Appetit #8: 8 Treasures Bars

This past Saturday people all over the world celebrated the Chinese New Year, a time of happiness, good fortune, and lots and lots of food. 
We wanted to give our fans a little bit of New Year luck with a sweet recipe from our Executive Chef Ali. Check it out!

8 Treasure Chinese New Year Bars

Here's What You Need (yields one 13x9in pan):

  • 1 cup oil
  • ¾ sugar cup
  • 1 tablespoon molasses
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 ½  cups oatmeal
  • ¼ cup quinoa
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ⅓ cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 1 cup sliced almonds
  • ¼ cup black sesame seeds
  • 1 cup coconut
  • 1 can condensed milk


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix oil, molasses, and sugar in a large bowl.
  3. Mix flour, oatmeal, quinoa, salt, and baking soda in a medium bowl.
  4. Add dry mixture to wet and stir until just combined
  5. Pat mixture into a greased baking pan (approximately 13x9), making sure that the mixture is evenly distributed.
  6. Bake for approximately 10 minutes until mixture is lightly browned.
  7. When cool enough to handle, spread peanut butter on the oatmeal mixture as evenly as possible.
  8. Sprinkle chocolate, nuts, sesame, and coconut over peanut butter.
  9. Drizzle condensed milk over mixture and place in oven until top is evenly browned, approximately 15 minutes.
  10. Cut into bars when cool.
  11. Enjoy!
A pan of 8 Treasures Bars right before they go in the oven.

A pan of 8 Treasures Bars right before they go in the oven.

Ta-da! You've got a pan of scrumptious, shareable, and sweet desserts (or midday snacks)! If you try this, or any of our recipes out, snap a picture and tag us! We love to see your creations.

Happy cooking!
~The Bon Me Crew
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